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Why a Planned Maintenance Program Make Sense

Jason Brazing

Ashland Comfort Control has offered a planned maintenance program for our customers since 1995, yet we find that many of our customers are unaware of the program altogether or are unsure why they should be enrolled.

Planned maintenance for a residential or commercial HVAC system is exactly what it sounds like.  Our office schedules and sends reminder postcards up to 6 months in advance for one of our NATE certified technicians to visit your home or place of work to clean, visually inspect, tune up and put your heating or cooling system through a series of tests prior to the upcoming heating or cooling season. This program helps ensure several things, most importantly that you don't forget to schedule us yourselves, that system is operating in a safe condition and you will not be stuck with undesireable temperatures in your home and facing a large, unexpected repair bill.

Not unlike regular oil changes and mileage service intervals for a vehicle, having a trained technician check over your HVAC system on a semi-annual basis helps ensure it will perform as desired when it's working its hardest and you most need it. In addition to preparing your system for the upcoming season change, the tests and procedures our technicians perform on their visit help predict and possibly prevent an upcoming malfunction before it ever occurs. When a technician notices high amp draws on a compressor or irregular burn patterns on a heat exchanger it can help prepare a customer for the possibility that the unit will need replaced in the near future.

An additional benefit to being enrolled in a planned maintenace program is the reduced hassle caused by a warranty claim should it be necessary.  Mechanical equipment with moving parts and computer boards occassionaly break no matter the level of care that has been given to it.  As part of the warranty process, many manufacturers request proof of regular maintenace which has been performed on the equipment and enrollment in our program will satisfy this requirement.

Finally, any customer enrolled in an Ashland Comfort Control annual planned maintenace plan enjoys priority maintenance scheduling, a reduced cost per trip and a 10% discount on any parts that may be needed for a repair to their system  

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