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Taking Comfort to the Next Level

Taking Comfort to the Next Level

Why Stop at HVAC and Plumbing?


We here at Ashland Comfort Control are always looking for opportunities to provide additional services and value to our customers. Starting in 2016 we've decided to expand on the expertise we've provided controlling the comfort of your home or business and are focusing on the comfort of YOU! no matter where you may be or what you may be doing!

Comfy Stand-Up Bed

I don't think any of us are sure whether you'll actually be able to sleep, but this super comfy looking stand-up bed sure makes you want to find out, doesn't it? Matching white pant suit not included.

standup bed

Super Flush Cushion 2000

A little more in line with our traditional plumbing offerings, this product is perfect for the individual that spends more time in the restroom on their phone than interacting with other human beings.


Reclining Computer Chair 

In the event your boss doesn't care whether you're working or sleeping while you're at the office, this reclining computer chair will keep you comfortable at your nine to five.  Disclaimer: ACC takes no responsibility for recurring nightmares of the dentist office listed as a side effect of using this chair.

computer chair

Ostrich and Hoodie Pillows 

These two products just scream personal comfort, don't they!?!? Never mind the fact that you're sacrificing a little bit of self dignity to sport one of these in public, at least you can sleep in comfort and have something to wipe the drool from your face when you're unexpectedly woken by the falling dream. 


We are extremely excited and can't wait to bring these products to the North Central Ohio marketplace in the summer of never. Happy April Fools!

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