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Five Heating Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Five Heating Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Winter weather took its time getting here but it looks like it’s here to stay. With dropping temperatures, heating systems are working hard for the first time all year to battle the cold. Often times during the first sustained cold spell the phones at ACC ring off the hook from customers with a heating system that isn't performing like it used to after a long period of inactivity.

Don’t wait until your heating system completely stops working to schedule service. No matter how big or small the issue with your system may seem, in order to maintain top efficiency, performance and safety it should be checked by a trained HVAC technician. Waiting for the system to completely stop working can result in not only being stuck in the cold, but potentially higher repair costs or even prematurely having to replace a piece of equipment.  The follow are some symptoms that could signal there is a problem with your heating system and additional investigation is necessary.

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One of our trained technicians or dispatchers can often diagnose the problem with your heating system over the phone and are able to bring the right parts to fix it on their first trip.

Strange noises – All furnaces and boilers make noise when they operate. That being said, odd noises such as repeated clicking, booming or grinding are often a sign that things aren't right.

Short Cycling – If you notice your heating system turning on and off frequently or over a short period of time, it is often a sign that the equipment's internal safety features are protecting the system from additional harm. Even more importantly these features protect the health and safety of your family. Finally, short cycling can lead to damage that can shorten the lifespan of the entire system.

Ignition Problems – If your furnace or boiler's pilot light won’t stay lit or there are other ignition problems, it is often a sign that a thermocouple or igniter have gone bad. Both of these components are vital to the performance of your system and will need to be replaced prior to the system properly working again.

Unusual Odors – Unusual smells coming from the heating system or the vents can be a sign of a serious problem not only with the performance of your equipment, but the safety of your family.  Many heating appliances are fueled by natural gas, propane or fuel oil and the threat of raw fuel or combustion gases (mainly Carbon Monoxide) leaking into your home is a serious safety concern.  Turn off the gas supply, open a window and call immediately if you smell gas or combustion products in your home.

Not Heating Properly – If you have to keep raising the thermostat to get warm or to keep a consistent level of comfort, there is likely something wrong with your system. Additionally, if your system has been installed for several years and is only recently having troubles or you notice an unusually high utility bill it could indicate there is a problem with your blower motor/pump, burner or a faulty relay.  Each of these issues should be investigated by a technician before the performance, efficiency or safety of your system is compromised any more. 

Our service dispatchers have the experience of talking to people that have encountered similar problems over the course of many years and are often able to provide some guidance for potentially fixing the problem yourself and avoiding the cost of a technician coming to your home.  A good place to start begins with checking your air filters, thermostat setting/operation, making sure your flue and intake piping are free of obstructions and/or cycling the power. Unfortunately these problems are often not so easy to fix and aren't something the average DIYers is comfortable tackling. If your heating system still isn’t operating the way it should, we'd be happy to send one of our trained technicians to diagnose and repair your system.  In the event you experience problems in the evening or over the weekend technicians are on call 24/7/365 and will be happy to help. 

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